Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Restoration of Restoration Hardware

Okay, so I fell out of love over the past couple of years with Restoration Hardware.  It was for a couple of reasons:

1. Their furniture pieces were so large in scale that it seemed unreasonable that anything would fit (or be practical) in a small house like mine.

2. Their prices were so exorbitant that I couldn't fathom how anyone bought anything from there.

3. Their catalogs were so big that they took up my entire recycle bin.

While issue #3 is still something I feel strongly about, I have to say that items #1 and #2 have been rectified a bit.

Case in point: their baby and child collection.  More reasonable prices, more scaled down.  I don't have any need for any of this stuff now but it sure is something I'd like to buy if I did...

goin' on safari.

bean bag chaise.  uh-huh.


canopy crib.  i am in love.

another great crib. linear interest. 

canopy day bed?  yep.

adore those pup silhouettes layered on the maps.

light and eterages. 

all of their light fixtures are so fabulous!

what a great planet mobile.

round crib and light fixture 

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