Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Knobs for the Living Room

One of the best purchases I've ever made from Ikea is the bookshelf and hutch in our living room.  It surprises people all the time that we got it from Ikea.  It is substantial enough to take up one whole wall in our living room, has enough room to fit my husband's gigantic tv and it offers me lots of shelves for books and accessories that I have fun styling and changing up frequently.

After purchasing the dresser for the nursery from Ikea and changing out the knobs, I thought, why I have never changed the knobs on the Ikea piece in the living room?  So I marched myself right on over to Anthropologie (as you do when you want cool looking knobs!) and found three gold ones that complimented other accents in our living room.  And who was the bargain buster that got them on sale for under $3 each (normally they are at least $12 each)?  This girl.



Now I feel like it looks even less like Ikea!  And a new rug doesn't hurt either - the space feels a lot brighter!

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