Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween at the Abode

I love Fall.  The air gets crisp, the leaves change colors, hot cider is acceptable to drink, and Halloween signals that the rest of the holiday season is now upon us!  Plus, it is the official kicking off point of the holiday decorating season.  Here's a peek at the Halloween décor in the Abode this year.  I can't wait til the baby is old enough to really get in the Halloween spirit!

My sister in law's mother, Twyla, gave us this adorable little pumpkin for Baby Forrest.


My cousin Sarah gave Forrest this adorable personalized Halloween pumpkin basket.  Until Forrest is old enough to Trick or Treat, I'm using it to give out candy to the neighborhood trick or treaters.

I got these adorable Halloween Paper Dolls from Paper Source.  I love them and I will use them year after year.  But, be warned, even though it is a kit, it is VERY labor intensive.  I probably spent at least 6 hours getting them put together!  But, I figured this is worth it since next year he will be mobile and I'll probably never get to work on them again!

My friend Cahill (via my friend Reeves) lent us this adorable owl outfit for baby Forrest to wear this year.  You'll have to excuse multiple pictures - I couldn't decide which was the cutest!

And one last one...a little pumpkin picture from when the photographer was here.  My friend Reeves' mom, Sandy, made him the adorable pumpkin hat and gave him the little Halloween outfit.  How he's grown already!


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