Sunday, July 27, 2014

Baby Jones' Nursery

I'm sure it is never going to feel totally finished as I continue to move things around so I'll go ahead and post some pictures since several people have asked of the room.  I"m just over 36 weeks now so Baby Jones will be coming home very soon and we can't wait to meet him!

Here's the crib which we got from Target (although as I mentioned in a previous post, they've now started selling at Serena and Lily.  It also converts to a toddler bed.  The sheet and crib skirt are from Land of Nod. The artwork are vintage prints of Paris that belonged to my husband that I had framed.

Here's just another another shot from a different angle:

The mobile is from a little shop in Raleigh called Progeny when I was out shopping with my sister in law.  It is handmade and I adore it.  Here's a close up:

Here's a close up of the little moon pillow (also from Progeny) and some sweet toys given to me by my aunt and a dear colleague. Yes, I know this will have to come out of the crib when I put him in it!

Here's the dresser and and changing table in one.  I opted not to get a changing table since it only has a limited time use.  The dresser is from Ikea and I changed out the knobs (from Home Depot).  The mirror is from Serena and Lily.

I got the glider and ottoman from Land of Nod.  Pillow is West Elm and the lamp is vintage milk glass that I got years ago.  Little white side table was also a vintage find from a recent outing to Chartreuse and Co.  The feather print was a gift from Furbish from my brother and sister in law that I had framed.

Here's the window and curtains.  I got the curtains from Target and embellished with the red pom pom trim.

Here's a close up of the trim:

I got the bookshelf from Target.  The lamp is from Home Goods ad the artwork are actually vintage stamps - one of a little dog and one of Curious George that I got at Eastern Market.  Our generous friends and family gave us all of the books.

Here's a close up of the top shelf of the bookshelf so you can see the amazing knit puppet that my dear friend made for us.  I had seen a similar puppet my friend Amanda made and it is what inspired me to start knitting in the first place.  I don't have the skill or patience to do my own but I am so excited for Baby Jones to have him!

And that's about all I need is the baby!

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  1. Bravo! Baby boy Jones is one lucky kid!

  2. Looks great! Love all the personal touches!

  3. Looks fantastic! Well done you! Lucky baby :)


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