Saturday, November 30, 2013

Liz Caan Design

My husband gives me a hard time because he says my favorite thing to do when I read magazines is to rip the pages out.  He's right, I do.  I just love looking back through images that give me inspiration.  Lord knows, at over 10K "pins", I do love digital inspiration but there is something so much more tangible about flipping through the colorful pages of design magazines.  And colorful this image was that caught my eye:

I love everything ab out this space designed by Liz Caan...mix of old and new, the colors, the brightness, the hints of gold, the pattern mix, art mix, name it, I love it!

Her spaces are bold, fearless and full of bright colors.  Most spaces have an overtly feminine feel which is something I feel like my house is lacking now.  Here are some of my other favorite spaces designed by Liz Caan:

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