Friday, November 15, 2013

Candle Commentary

Nobody loves a yummy smelling candle more than me.  Shoot, they don't even have to smell good - - I love the ambiance a candle gives even if they are scent free.

Anywho, Anthropologie tends to have the best smelling candles around for the price you pay.  My usual year round go-to favorite candle is the Voluspa French Cade one.  If you haven't tried it, go get one stat!

Anthro has recently come out with some new scents (at only $18 bucks a candle, they are a good bargain!). I've tried the fire one and the cedar snow one and they are both wonderful for this sort of pre-holiday mood when you don't want to go full-on Christmas scent yet.

Speaking of Christmas scent, my new bargain find came from Target and it is a Glade spruce scented candle. They have an awesome burn time and they can make a whole room smell fabulous.  The best part?  $2.99 per candle people.  Can we say bargain?!

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