Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where was this in January?

I was reading one of my favorite blogs yesterday, Little Green Notebook and she introduced me to this side that manufactures sofas that look designer but are really affordable.  I am so depressed I didn't know about this in January when we bought our new couch.  The company is called Custom Sofa Design.  If you may or may not be in the market for a new couch, this is worth spending time to check it out.  Even if you aren't, you may suddenly finding yourself needing a new one.  Here is just a sample of some of the ones I love.  Keep in mind, you can change out fabric, colors on all of their pieces.  They all range from $599-$899; most of them are $799.  BARGAIN.

I especially love these last two because not only would they make a good looking sofa but they could also double as a banquette at a dining table. 

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