Monday, April 12, 2010

Scenes from the back yard

What a beautiful weekend it was!  We got lots of planting done and finally got all of our veggies in the ground - three kinds of tomatoes, three kinds of peppers, eggplant and strawberries.  We've got lettuce and basil growing in their own pots and a huge herb garden with oregano, thyme, cilantro, rosemary and chives.  Mint is taking over the side yard but it sure does smell yummy!

Pot o' basil.  The one in the middle is a new kind called boxwood basil because it'll grow into a little bush that resembles a boxwood.  It tastes the same as regular sweet basil though.

The mound of oregano that is threatening to take over the herb garden.

The wee little garden.  Now GROW!

I don't know what this vine is but the neighbors are growing it and we trained it to come through the fence and grow.  The little flowers are just about to bloom.

A sunbathing puppy.

Columbine in a pot in the front.

Close-up of Columbine.

A begonia.  I like it cause it reminds me of my favorite flower, a peony, just in a miniature version.

Wire tea cup of pansies.  This was a flea market find in Charlottesville.

Yummy bib lettuce.  Almost enough for a salad!

Homage to New Mexico.  A handmade dried green chile ristra.  It looks rotten to me but the husband swears he is gonna dry the seeds and then cook with them.  Yum?  I was impressed at how many chiles he had to grow to make that!  Speaking of impressive, he took every one of the pictures in this blog himself!

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