Thursday, April 8, 2010

Drift Away

Insane day at work today.  I'm exhausted.  Partly because it used up a lot of brain power, partly because I did a lot of running around and partly because my friend Liz is a bad influence and insisted that we have A glass of wine last night.  Riiiight.

Anyway, one thing I was thinking about when I was driving home from this long day of work was my pretend beach house.  You know, the one I started decorating here.  I don't know when I'll get said house or where it will be but man you better bet with all of these years that I have to plan out my decorating regime, it is gonna look GOOD.

I love when designers use driftwood in design - even if it isn't in a beach house.  Here are a few pieces I've seen recently that I'd love in my pretend beach house.  Or any house for that matter. 

awesome driftwood table with glass top from Pieces Store in Atlanta, GA


  1. Hey now...I wasn't the one who opened the additional bottleS of wine!!!!!

    Love the driftwood stuff - we have a driftwood table with glass top at our beach place.

  2. I am not sure ONE glass of wine is actually possible. And I also spend my drive home decorating my pretend new house. One day, its going to look SO good....


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