Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Like a Woman Posessed

My brother sent me an email yesterday with a subject line that read "Loser" because I had taken up knitting on my lunch break.  I could care less...it's not like he's never called me names before. 

And anyway, I am obsessed with knitting.  My friend Amanda introduced me to a book called Stitch N'Bitch which has easy to follow instructions on basic knitting as well as some starter patterns (like the hat I showed you last week here).   I don't think I could have started it without someone showing me what to do but this book has been really valuable when I get home and get stuck on something. 

Unfortunately, I only know how to make one thing.  A baby hat.  So I'm on my fourth one.  I love the little green one - just like a little baby pea!

Pictures don't do these justice and you can't feel how soft they are.  But the (is it bad that I had to look this up to spell it?) pièce de résistance is the one I made for my friend Reeves' baby to be.  I love it so much it is going to be hard to part with it.  But since I am a knitting fool I can probably do another one. 

Sorry, Reeves, if I ruined the surprise but it is way cuter in person!  I'll mail it soon! 

Obviously with said knitting obsession, I've had to purchase a few tools of the trade over the past couple of weeks.  One of the cutest things I've gotten is this Debbie Bliss book called Booties, Blankets and Bears

The only problem is that it is a leeeetle too advanced for me just yet being that I only know how to make a hat and all.  So, just for good measure I ordered the Debbie Bliss beginner book today (do NOT tell my husband or I'm gonna get it - I told him knitting was a cheap hobby).  Hopefully it isn't as complicated.  My coworker and friend, Diana, took one look at the book and bought a copy too.  So, at least we can work on these together in case we get stuck. 


  1. So cute! I love it! Thank you for making it!!!

  2. Yaaaay! Let's get together and drink wine and play with yarn!

  3. Emily, my friend told me that friends don't let friends knit drunk. :)

  4. Hats are sooo cute! Well done you!


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