Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To Dry For

Have ya'll heard of this site?  I do love a dishtowel.  I read about "To Dry For" it this morning on Design*Sponge but once I looked at their site, I found dishtowels that I liked even better than the ones they featured.  I laughed out loud at a couple of them.

This one is HANDS DOWN my fave:

Get it?  Mr. "TEA" Towel.  Ha ha ha!!

I need this one.  That's what we feel like every night after dinner with no dishwasher.

That's my dog for you.

Amen (in my house anyway).  I don't do breakfast.

The rest of these I just thought were really pretty:

Too bad it is a UK site so all the prices are in pounds and I bet they cost a pretty penny to ship.  That's why I window shop on the web!  However, that Mr. Tea Towel might have to be mine. 

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