Friday, January 25, 2013

Scenes from the Abode

A whole bunch of randomness coming up... First, I think I'm in denial that it is winter. I was hoping my paper whites bloom from this sunny window.

And in no time they did!  I added a little sparkly Valentine's Banner to hang over it.

A little master bedroom dresser action going on...

Love this tiny avocado print I picked up in Austin.  It's hand painted and I love the dainty frame.  I picked some color coordinator books to stack underneath it.

Pork and pineapple.  Can't think of a better combo...loved snacking on the leftover pineapple for breakfast all week!

I even went so far as to bake biscuits for breakfast one morning...not from scratch though!  Let's not get crazy...

I've been OBSESSING over an antelope runner like this for our house:

Granted out staircase is much less grand in size and scale but I still think it would cozy the place up...and give the poor little pups more traction and a landing pad.

I had the flooring company come out and take measurements and they shipped me a sample.  And that's about all that is going to happen right now because the estimate came back at $1500!!!  We carpeted our entire basement for that!!  I told my husband to blame my good design taste.  :)

But don't you think this NEEDS to happen?!!

If so, I implore you to help me convince my husband...

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