Monday, January 21, 2013

Guest Room Chandelier

I love our quaint little guest room.

When we moved into our house there was a ho-hum ceiling mounted fixture in the guest room.  My grandmother had this beautiful Italian chandelier that we decided to hang in there.  We asked the electrician to hang it for us but I didn't even think about the fact that the ceiling color could be different due to paint/stains from where the old fixture was.  See?

The poor quality of these iPhone pictures aside, it looks terrible, right??  Certainly doesn't do the fixture justice like I wanted to do for my sweet Grandmother.

For a mere $16 I bought a ceiling medallion from Home Depot and had my handyman take down the chandelier, add the medallion, and rehang the fixture.  Now it not only looks clean and need, I think the elegance of the fixture is amplified.

Now the room just feels more complete.

There are also little matching sconces that I love.

They flank the window in the room.

On another note, I have always adored this chandelier and always told my grandmother I wanted it one day. (Thankfully I was the only granddaughter so I didn't have a lot of competition since it is a little feminine for the boys liking...).  Anyway, I was reading Miss Mustard Seed's blog and saw that she just recently hung a similar one in her office that I adore.  Isn't it sweet?

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  1. Your guest room is SO pretty! It was cute before the chandelier, but now it looks right out of a magazine.


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