Sunday, January 30, 2011

That kitchen fixture...

My husband mandated that I clean out some of the stacks and stacks of magazines I have sitting around the house.  I got a letter from Delta Airlines that my miles were going to expire if I didn't use them.  It wasn't enough for a flight or anything so I cashed them in for every magazine I could get my hands on.  I refuse to throw them away before I read them but I haven't had time to get to tons of them.  So, I started rooting through ones I read a while ago making sure there was nothing I needed to tear out before I threw them out.  I came across House Beautiful from last February and went through all of the pages that I had dogearred to come back to later.  Do you remember this kitchen and this light fixture

Lots of people had mixed feelings about it but I adore it.  They took two scones they found at an antique store and joined them together to create this one of a kind piece.

The fixture isn't the only thing I love about this kitchen.  I love the faucet coming out of the wall over the funiture looking piece above as well as the simple placement of the artwork.

And how about the stunning mirror above the stove?!  Who would think of that?

I love the built-ins in the alcove beside the stove as well.  And the view to outside?  Gorgeous! 

Are you with me or does it not do it for you?


  1. I hate to disagree with you because I rarely do but those light fixtures DO NOT do it for me. Least of all the chandelier across from the stove and mirror. Ick. Sorry. I do agree that the mirror is quite clever though.

    I did want to mention something about airline miles however. You probably quite enjoy all the magazine and would probably choose to do the same thing with your miles all over again. However, if you are really close to a free ticket and are about to loose your miles you can join their skymiles dining program which you may or may not already know about. It's free. You just put in your credit card or debit card number and when you dine at a participating restaurant they give you at least one mile for every dollar you spend. I believe all the airlines do. I'm in the US Air and American Airlines programs as well as I have miles with all of them.

    I actually just made sure to dine at a participate restaurant in which I had a debit card registered on the American site. I have enough miles for a free ticket and my miles were about to expire in March. So I dined out last week and now my miles are good for another couple of years.

    Although, if I only had a few miles, I would have gotten magazine too!

  2. Fair enough, Cahill. I appreciate your honesty and value your opinon! And I am definitely a fan of the reward points from restaurants. I never met I mileage program I didn't like. I wasn't anywhere near a free ticket which is why I traded my miles in for mags.

    Now, if you would just get to DC we could have our design discussions in person, hint hint!


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