Sunday, January 30, 2011

Liz Carroll Interiors

Fellow NC girl from Wilmington, NC.  Found Liz Carroll Interiors through some friends on Facebook and am definitely a fan!

Check out some of her recent projects from her portfolio:

Hi, couch.  You are awesome.  And I love the symmetry of the artwork.  My favorite view of this room is a few pictures down, though. 

I can only assume this is a king sized bed but I love the idea of the three pillows - you usually only see two pillows or a whole pile of smaller ones (something I tend to do but actually can't stand it when you go to make up the bed).  Also, I was watching Candice Tells All the other day and she did a show all about grounding a room with black.  Neutral colors can tend to get lost but if you ground them with touches of black, it adds that little sumthin' sumthin'.  Liz executed the touch of black perfectly in this room if you ask me.

Absolutely awesome chairs.  They are like banquettes but not cause they are smaller like chairs...I seriously can't stop looking at these.  I've never seen anything like them.  It's that shot of the unexpected in a traditional (but beautiful!) dining room.

I spy animal print on those ottomans and a sunburst mirror.  Truly I cannot get sick of either of those.  The suzani print on the pillows makes the room still feel new and fresh but the aforementioned pieces and the white on the chairs keep the room timeless. 

I really like how the khaki/brown color keeps the room from being too feminine.  I love the detail of the piping on the chair and the trim on the curtains.  The boldness of the pink is also not too babish so a little girl could grow into this room.  Also love that rug - how soft for a little baby to play on.

Liz also offers "Room in a Box" services if you aren't in the Wilmington, NC area.  Check it out here

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  1. Hi Cameron, it's Liz! Thank you so, so, so much for such an amazing post. I am truly humbled.

    You have a fantastic blog and I am so excited to be a "follower" now!

    All the best,


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