Monday, January 24, 2011

Overstock Coffee Table and then some.

We have a coffee table that I've had since college.  It is solid wood, huge and has great storage.  But it looks very 90's-esque and takes up a huge amount of space in our tiny living room.  My husband tasked me to find a new coffee table.  YOU DON'T HAVE TO TELL ME TWICE!!

I was browsing on Overstock and found this coffee table:

It is smaller than our current coffee table and I like the weathered look.  It is around $200 bucks with only $3 shipping (LOVE Overstock).  Assembly required.  Hubby likes the look of it and is happy with the price but is worried about the quality of the piece...he doesn't want it to be cheapy.  Does anyone have any experience with ordering furniture from Overstock?  I tried to do a Google search for the same table to see if we were getting a good deal or to try to figure out who originally manufactured or sold the table but haven't been able to find anything. 

I have never been disappointed with anything I've ordered from Overstock to date.  That said, the largest things I've ordered have been rugs.  No experience with furniture.  Anyway, if anyone has thoughts, I'd be all ears!

And of course, no shopping experience is complete without browsing for things you don't need but you like.  So here are a few of the goodies I enjoyed looking at:

 PS - this is only $12 right now!!


  1. Funny - I just got done buying a new coffee table, although I went with a cheapo ottoman with storage from Target. I needed something smaller to make my living area look bigger to potential buyers. De-cluttering is fun, but I sure hope someone ends up buying this place if I'm gonna go to all this work to list it.

  2. I bought the table! Pics to come after delivery!


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