Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Party Calculator

This weekend my book club is hosting an engagement party for our good friends Alice and Andrew at our house.  I am looking forward to it but am just praying it doesn't rain since our house is tiny inside.  Fingers crossed!

Anyway, I came across this little tip about calculating quantities of food and drink on my girl Martha's site the other day which was just handy given the timing.

According to Martha: One bottle per two people per hour. 
According to Me: Have you ever MET my book club?  But really, Martha is pretty generous with that.  I've heard one bottle per four people for a dinner party before so at least she is more realistic.

According to Martha: Two beers per person per hour
According to Me:  This seems fairly reasonable although if your party is in the middle of summer like ours, you may want to up it because people get thirsty.  We're combatting this issue with a keg.
According to Martha: One bottle per five people per hour.
According to Me: Martha's friends are about as bad as my book club - this seems very generous to me.  I want to go to one of her parties.

According to Martha: Three bottles for each bottle of alcohol.
According to Me: Yahoo - we agree!
According to Martha: At least one pound per person per hour.
According to Me: Ice is less important if you aren't having mixed drinks - you need to keep the beers iced down and (depending on if you are having one) the keg cold.  More in summer, less in fall and spring.  Duh.

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  1. Martha's parties sound awesome! Hope you guys have a great time at the engagement party!


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