Monday, June 21, 2010

Gone Fishin'

My husband had his dream weekend last weekend with all the fishing he got to do.  But the pup and I managed to have a great time right along with him!  Liz and her friend Trevor were sweet enough to take us out on Trevor's boat.  It was a hot day but the water temperature was just perfect.  We left our pup at home but Liz's dog Davis had a ball! 

Um, yes, you read that right.  Trevor's boat is called the Koch O'Mocean.  I think it used to belong to U2's road manager.  But still...

Hubby and I also sought out a little fishing spot on the Potomac.  Didn't have much luck but Chase and I had a ball sitting in the shade knitting and watching all of the people go by! 

Have you ever seen a pup so adorable?!

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