Monday, June 14, 2010

Before and After: Megan's Kitchen Shelves

My friend Meghann knows how much I like design and decor.  Her friend Megan (are you confused yet?) just bought a house and wanted some decorating advice.  A few email exchanges later and Megan and I were fast friends and up and running!  Her first project to tackle was the bathroom.  She is a major (and impressive!) DIYer and did all of the work (including new floor tiles, lighting fixture and sink installation) herself.  We talked that over via email but today I finally made my first trip over to her house.  Super cute and I am definitely envious!  She's got an efficiency apartment in the basement which she will rent out and a roomate and good friend that lives with her and they will split the remainder of the mortgage. 
She's got lots of great ideas but it can be a little daunting to know where to start.  I know she'll get there but for today we tackled one project that she created herself - inexpensive and adorable kitchen shelves.

Here was the blank slate we started with:

The ceilings are luxuriously high and Megan (rightfully so) wanted to accentate that.  So she decided to do open shelves to lend extra storage but also to show off the height of the ceilings.

She has this Farmer's Market print which is serving for the inspiration for future kitchen plans/remodeling.  The picture has a flash issue but you can get the general idea:

She had boards cut and bought brackets at Home Depot.  I helped her sand down the edges today and attach the shelves to the brackets and the brackets to the wall.  The level was our best friend by the end of the day!  She's got plans to add wine glass holders to the bottom of both of the higher shelves but you can get a general idea of the added storage this gives her.  I feel so productive after today!  I'm already looking forward to the next project and for getting to virtually shop for someone other than myself!

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