Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Flower arranging trick

My friend Meghann taught me this this weekend.  It makes total sense but it had never occurred to me before.  She brought over a beautiful bunch of hydrangeas for our party but I kept having to cut the stems lower and lower to try to keep them from drooping.  She quickly whips an extra hair band from around her wrist, pops it around the stems and voila!  Flowers are gorgeous and standing together! 

Obviously this will work with any rubber band.  Not two seconds after I learned this new trick, another friend Megan came over with a beautiful batch of red gerber daisies.  I was a little low on flower holders since many of my vases were being used as the centerpieces for the tables so I found a little vase, trimmed the stalks and slipped a little rubberband on. 

Cute little bouquet and no droopy gerbers!

1 comment:

  1. Another trip that works EVERY time... if you have droopy tulips put a penny or two in the vase. Something in the penny makes the tulips perk up and stand tall. This really works.


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