Sunday, May 16, 2010

To slipcover or not to slipcover.

I stupidly entered Calico Corners yesterday to get some fabric to for the seats of these chairs that I found the other week.

The next thing I know, I came home with a bag full of fabric samples to try in all different types of lighting (morning, afternoon, evening) for a slipcover for the big red couch that is slowly fading on the vine. 

The beauty of the slipcovers from Calico is that they are in no way reminicent of the overly shabby chic rooms that you mind instantly conjurs up when you hear the word slipcover:


My reason for not immediately ordering the fabric to sign myself up for a new slipcover is the price tag - we're talking I could practically order a new couch for this amount...but then again, not really.  When you add delivery, etc. this would still come out cheaper.  Plus this old couch is just about the most comfortable thing you've ever sat on...

After sampling dozens of fabrics from the take home samples, if I decide to go forward with it, I've settled on a beautiful, subtle and neutral stripe in a tone that matches our new couch that we got in January. 

Ever since we've gotten the new couch, Big Red (aka the old sofa) is looking a little worse for the wear. 

I am so torn.

Image from Your Decorating Hotline.

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