Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hat Trick

So, after writing post after post about my baby hats, I decided to branch out and venture into the world of adult hats.  I got this pattern from Fibre Space in Alexandria, and despite the two types of stictches and the button, it really was very easy. 

I especially love how the first one turned out.  The pattern actually calls to make it a beanie but I like how it looks with the pom pom on top.

I also made one for my husband.  It isn't winter but after all of the snow we had last year, we better get prepared!


  1. They are beautiful! Jack's make him look like he's ready to do the Russian dance (I can't think of the name, but it's the one where you have to squat the whole time).


  2. Cute, cute, cute. I love the buttons.


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