Friday, May 7, 2010

Paper Source Workshop

Last night my friend Lane and I took a workshop at the Paper Source in Georgetown.  It was a class on Personalized Stationary.  Yes, we're dorks.  It was pretty beginner but fun and I did learn a few things.

My favorite thing that I learned was how to do liners for envelopes.  I have always loved how that looks but those envelopes are always so expensive.  Paper Source has this envelope liner template kit for multiple sizes of envelopes for just over ten bucks.  You take whatever kind of cool paper you want to use and then trace the template onto the paper, cut it out and put it in the envelope.  You've only got to secure the big at the top and voila!  Beautiful lined envelope. 

They've got some cool decorative paper to choose from to make these envelopes too although anything would do. 

Also check Michael's for some pads of cool papers at a cheaper price - I got some for my wedding and they were awesome. 

While I'm on the topic of paper, I know that decopaging seems kind of, what, 90's-esque?  Or is it 80's?  Either way, it doesn't seem relevant for today.  Except, my aunt's friend Heather makes awesome furniture deopaged with cool papers and then hand painted.  I think I'm gonna try that with the little table that I found the other day.  Will keep you posted.  My brother has an awesome table that Heather made using this paper:

Back to the Paper Source class.  We also did a lot of stamping and embossing.  I got kind of into that hobby when I was trying to get everything done for my wedding.  I haven't used it much lately but I did use my newfound skill to use to make personalized gift tags for my Christmas presents.  This year I'm gonna start on that earlier so I'm not so rushed.  I think it was a nice touch to gifts.  Plus, ultimately it was cheaper (albeit more time consuming) than store bought gift tags. 

Here are some cool stamps that we worked with in the class and subsequently got to home with stationary that we made with it:

Another thing I learned in the class was about chalk ink pads.  They were really cool and made everything look vintage.  It looked especially need when you used monograms.  You can also use it to give stamps shadows.  Paper Source has it here.

All this said, I was SO proud of myself last night when I left the class (even with a 10% discount coupon) without buying anything else.  I think I was just starved.  But then again, it might have been because I knew the coupon was valid for two weeks.  That place is lethal.

Happy Friday!

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