Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Up Country for Pups

My friend Liz introduced me to this site - Up Country - which has super cute collars and harnesses for dogs.  I'm in the market for a dog harness for my pup.  He is tiny and doesn't really pull when we walk so I have only ever used a collar with his leash.  However, now that he's getting older, he has developed some sensitivity to his collar and gets winded a lot on our walks.  So, I've decided to get him a little harness to see if that helps. 

How cute are these prints?  (Just a note, my dog is a male so I recognize that some of these wouldn't be appropriate for him but I thought I'd show you ALL my faves - for boys or girls).

I think the squirrels and nuts one is the winner contender for my pup.


  1. Someone has the squirrel one - maybe Zoe?!? I can't remember! These are cute...Davis still rocks his spring green/light blue argyle collar. :)

  2. Yes, Zoe has the squirrel one. I love it! These are so cute.


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