Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Buffalo Au Poivre

I know, we're gettin' fancy, huh?  Note: this is not a weeknight inspiration of a meal...

Ya'll, if you have not tried buffalo, and you like red meat, give it a try.  It is really lean and flavorful.  Obviously we weren't on our calorie counting plan for this meal.  We served it with garlicky green beans and homemade twice baked potatoes. 

To do the meat au poivre (you can do tenderloin or any steak you like as well), you just crust it throroughly in black pepper and cook over the oven.  After the meat is cooked through and seared on the outside then you make the au poivre sauce.  Recipe we used found here

When you add the cognac into the pan it fires up like at a Japanese Hibachi Grill.  Fun if you have guests over one evening. 

Clean plate club!!

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