Wednesday, February 16, 2011

coffee table

The new coffee table is here and I've finally put it together (with minimal help from the hubs I might add).  I am happy!  It is so much smaller than the old 1990-esque chunk of wood I had before:



The pup admires it also.

I'm also pleased about my $5 purchase of the old Pepsi crate.  I like the bright color it adds to the room.  Not to mention, essential storage since I'm down a drawer on the new table. 

Husband gave me the red tulips for Valentine's Day. 

A few weeks ago when I blogged about the new coffee table from Overstock, my friend Meghann who recently moved to Colorado also agreed and bought one for herself - it is a little different on the bottom but the same style.  Check out how great hers looks in her new pad:

And one last image for this post - a pic of the patient.  Look at his little shaved spot on his leg.  Poor baby!


  1. I love-love the Pepsi crate. So freaking cute. Also, I miss that Chasers.

    ps. thanks for the shout-out.



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