Monday, February 14, 2011

Bright and Bold

Back in the land of the living.  A little break from work and a good trip to see my grandmother and I'm back in bizness.  I've missed my little blog! 

A few months ago I was going on about wanting a neutral bedroom.  But then my design schizophrenia kicked in after coming across these images.  I think this is the route I want to go down...

I recognize this last image isn't one of a bedroom but you get the general look I'm after.  Ecclectic, lived-in, comfortable with bright pops of color. 

Another thing - remember I was obsessed with Jamie's shower curtain?

I bought the shower curtain

And I think I want to get it monogrammed but I'm not sure about the red.  I hate our green tile in our rental house but ignoring that, I've kind of got a light blue and brown theme going on which I like.  Do you think a light blue (ahem, Carolina!) color would stand out enough on the shower curtain or am I better off leaving it monogram free?


  1. Can you monogram with brown? Then could stick with the color theme and the monogram would show up. I love it!

  2. I love the monogram and would do Carolina blue! :)tennispro


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