Monday, July 30, 2012

Tattoo Pouffs

My friend Kathryn lives in Edinburgh but is a loyal reader of Adorned Abode.  I hate that we don't get to see each other more often due to the big, fat ocean that resides between the two of us but thank goodness for email and internet.  She has been sending me her past issues of Homes and Interiors Scotland and I love looking through them not only for reminders of when I lived in Edinburgh but also to see what other design trends are happening elsewhere in the world.  Many of them are fabulous...some, like this one, not so much.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I recently saw this pouf by Cerruti Baleri.

It really made me do a double take.  I went to see what other poufs they might have and was seriously disturbed at a few of them.  I love a pouf, and I love a good illusion but none of these are anything I'd like to see in my home decor...

Do they creep you out a little too?

Sources here and here.

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