Monday, February 20, 2012

New Bedroom Drapes are up!

Remember my new drapes that I purchased a couple of weeks ago?  We finally got them hung.  Here was the bedroom before:

We got the rod and finial set at Home Depot.  It was in the Martha Stewart collection.

I really love how much cozier it makes the room feel.  It is amazing that something as simple as that can add a much more finished look.


  1. Very nice. I also really like the bedstands. I need something tiny like that for our bedroom. I have a couple of really nice two-drawer side tables that I want to paint, but I'm too chicken, so I'm trying to find something small for the meantime. Are yours new or a vintage find?

  2. Thanks, Louise. I got those bedstands in Lucketts at the Design House and I adore them. I've seen a bunch of options lately. Just today on One King's Lane there were some good you subscribe to that? Also check out Wisteria's Through the Looking Glass table. Or, let's take a trip to Lucketts! I'm always up for that!

  3. Um when did you get that gorgeous headboard??? Jealous! and I so remember that trip to Lucketts. fun times :)



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