Friday, February 10, 2012

Grandin Road

Ever since we moved and registered our new address with the post office, we've gotten all kinds of catalogs offering us special "welcome to your new home" discounts.  I've gotten Grandin Road before but never saw anything I was really crazy about.  I also thought it was mostly outdoor furniture and accessories.  Well, if you thought the same, it is time for a second look.  Here are a few of my favorites.  Good thing I have a 15% off coupon!

They have a bunch of different sizes of these cool antiqued metal letters.  Would be a great addition to a gallery wall.

I really like these beveled mirrors - especially how they've displayed them in a group. 

You know I love animal print!  This mirror is unique in that the metal that is placed over the mirrored glass is cut so that it replicates a zebra print.

Another great mirror.  A cool take on the sunburst.
As soon as I can figure out what color I am painting my kitchen, I want to get new bar stools.  These are some of the favorite ones I've seen so far.

Cute little side table for a kids room or a game room - dice!

Outdoor stackable chairs that mimic oh so popular indoor ones.  Love.

I'm pretty sure I want this to be my firescreen.  I'm working on my husband still but it is in the running.

Kilim print chairs.  These are fabulous.

And kilim throw pillows.

Lucite stools.  Another option for the kitchen.  Depends on if we go more modern or traditional.

Love this crown inspired outdoor bench.

Vintage inspired chairs and stools.  Would be a great accent in any room.

So this other cool thing that they have is paintable wallpaper.  I love how it gives texture but in any color you want.  I might have to figure out where to use some of this.  These are just a few of the styles.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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