Sunday, June 19, 2011

Everywhere I look...

...I see Turkish Towels.  And I want some.  I first started paying attention to them after this episode of Dear Geneieve where she redid these people's masterbath into a total turkish bath.  I gotta admit...I didn't get the vision at all.  Until the end and it was amazing.  Of course, I can't find a single picture of it to show you.

Anyway, she had these hooks along a wall with turkish towels hanging from them.  They are supposedly incredibly soft.  But I just love the look of them.  This week Joss and Main had a sale on these beauties from Molori:

Shameless plug: If you aren't already a Joss and Main member, sign up via my invite here.  It is like One King's Lane but lately I've been liking this better!

Here are some more images of Turkish towels to get you inspired:

Are you liking them too?!

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