Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Comments from the Abode

Graduation is over and so I'm making it one of my top priorities to get this blog back on track! 

A few random updates.

1.  I finally bought my first peony bush and I am in love.  It is my favorite flower and I can't wait to one day have rows and rows of them to cut and arrange.  My first bloom arrived yesterday.  I couldn't wait to cut it and bring it inside.  I think it is beautiful and smells delicious to boot.

2.  My local Trader Joe's had an AMAZING selection of orchids the other day.  And we're talking for only $14.99.  You should check yours too to see what kind of a selection they have.  I've never seen the equal to the number of blooms that the one I bought has:

3.  I was reading Traditional Home the other day and came across these Seersucker napkins.  I. want. them. bad.  But I refuse to pay 16 bucks PER napkin.  So, I'm adding it to my list of crafts that I want to achieve once I can figure out this whole sewing thing.  Anybody tried to do any sewing with seersucker before?  I love the contrasting color of the thread.


  1. I think they used a serger on those napkins. I'm not sure if you can do that on a reg. sewing machine or not. Sorry. :(

  2. They definitely used a serger on these. But you can also do it on a regular sewing machine if yours has an overlock stitch (a lot of them do). I have a serger, but I hate to thread it, so I'd never be able to do this many different colors. If you do decide to make these napkins, let me know and I'll split the seersucker with you. I saw some great colors (lots!) at G Street the other day, but they were all 60" wide, and I can't justify quite that much seersucker all by myself!


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