Monday, October 8, 2012

Ouef Children's Clothing

I wish it took less time to knit cause I'd be making all kinds of things like these adorable children's clothes by Ouef.  

The cool thing about these clothes (other than their cuteness factor) is that they are handknit from alpaca wool from women in Bolivia who are making a living from their work.  Per the Ouef website:

When you buy these knits, you help transform the lives of women and children in Bolivia. Oeuf partners with indigenous women to create a unique collection and a sustainable flow of income that allows their children to school. Each piece is Fair Trade for the benefit of all people. 
At Oeuf, we make sure that our artisans earn a living wage and that their cultural traditions are respected, encouraged and honored.
Alapacas are small, gentle animals raised for their soft, luxurious natural fiber. Alpaca is lanolin free, making it a hypoallergenic fiber; and is a renewable resource, which is sure to please the eco-conscious consumer.

See their whole collection on the Ouef site.

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