Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My new favorite show

Finished day 1 of my big meeting week.  One day down, three days to go.  Woohoo!   Turkey tacos and low key dinner for us tonight.  While the meat simmered, I settled onto the couch and we started watching TLC's show Inedible to Incredible with Chef John Besh.  I've never heard of this guy but oh my gosh, this show is hilarious.  I don't know how he can keep a straight face. 

Here's the premise:

A seemingly normal person thinks they are a great cook.  They torture their family and friends with dishes they concoct and finally somebody can't take it anymore and they call in Chef Besh for an intervention.  First, he has them cook their specialty dishes and he tastes them (ew).  Then he explains what is gross about the food.  Then he teaches them how to cook something similar (but normal).  After each dish that he teaches them to make, they have to taste their old dish.  Then they have to recreate the new dishes and the taste test goes to their friends and family. 

Here's an example from the episode I saw today:

Deven's dish specialties:
cornflake and strawberry (overcooked) burgers
adult baby food finished off with frozen meat balls and cheese
turtle steak with fig newtons (it isn't turtle meat but instead some kind of charred mystery meat in the shape of a turtle)

Chef Besh teaches her to make:
burger sliders three ways (pork, chicken and beef)
green salad with vinagrette
grilled skirt steak with a fig glaze

Some of my favorite quotes from this episode (these are all from the lady learning to cook):

[referencing the adult baby food]: These vegetables can cook for hours.  They don't burn.

[referencing how long she cooks the turtle steak]: I cook it until the smoke clears.

I never knew you should taste things as you go along.  Don't throw crap into a pot and have people taste it for the first time when you serve it.

[after learning how to make a normal burger on a grill, not in a pile of grease]: At least I won't burn the crap out of it.  It's good to know when meat is done.

I have made love to every piece of this meat. 

I'm actually embarassed that I have fed you any of my slop.

Um, Devon, yeah you are.

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  1. Cam, great stuff. One question: when do I get a post on Adorned Abode?


    Brandon, aka, B-Russ.


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