Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bright as the sun...

I wanna have some fun.  Come and give me some of that yum yum chocolate chip...can I get a scoop?  Okay, I'll stop.  I hope you have that song stuck in your head for as long as I have since I heard it almost a week ago.

So, it is got up to 99 degrees this week.  They think this is the hottest June on record.  What up, el Nino?  Anyway, when I finally got out of loooooong my meeting today (literally, locked in a room for over 9 hours today so it is no wonder I'm punchy and singing Shoop in my head), I looked up and saw the bright, shiny sun and it made me think of the color yellow.

Generally, I'm not a huge fan of yellow in design (and definitely not a fan of what I look like when I wear it) but I do consider it to be a happy color.  I also think it can be really effective when used in moderation.

from Better Homes and Gardens

from Kate Spade

Looks awesome with a zebra rug!

Beachy and whimsical yellow.  Love how it looks with the green from the plants and nature inspired decor.
Yellow and black are a natural pairing!  Not something I would chose for my own personal house but I totally get why some people like it.
from the Bella Life

from White and Wander

from Manolo Home

Lovely painted floor seen on Kathy Peterson.  Love it in yellow but can think of a ton of colors that this would work in.  This would especially be cool if you had a less than perfect hardwood floor that you wanted to cover up. 


  1. Cameron!! Don't you think that Kate Spade look would be perfect in my bedroom? I love it. I usually stay away from the yellows, but I agree, they are so bright and cheerful, and quite frankly, unexpected in a black/white/gray room. Thoughts??

  2. I love this idea! Let's file it in your inspiration file!


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