Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beachy Backyard Bash

Our dear friends Alice and Andrew are engaged and are getting married in October in Raleigh, NC!  Last night our book club (don't ask what we're reading 'cause we don't - I mean we do but not as a collective group) hosted a shower for them in our backyard.  Our friend Beth located a man on the Hill who made Eastern NC BBQ and we centered the rest of the theme around the beach - laid back and easy like Alice and Andrew.  My husband did an amazing job with the yard and also rewarded himself with new wireless outdoor speakers which really added to the ambiance with the mostly beach music play list created by our friend Liz.  Good times, good times.

Super easy and festive centerpieces.  Hurricane vases filled with sand and a white candle and found sea shells scattered on the tables.  Liz found the prettiest aqua blue tableclothes to go along with it.

Black and white photos of the bride and groom to be - and of course book club!

Meghann found these beautiful white hydrangeas at Eastern Market.  Stay tuned for a Tuesday tip courtesy of Meghann!

The spread complete with Eastern NC BBQ, baked beans, cornbread, pasta salad and chips!

Beth brought George's from home in North Carolina.  You can't get it here which is a cryin' shame for all you people who haven't had it. 

You'd think they'd died and gone to heaven with the BBQ.  I think we have more pictures of the food than anything else the entire evening.  Seriously.

I'm hungry all over again.

The dinner is done but the lights are showing up nicely!

The pup LOVED having all of the attention...not to mention the scraps on the ground.

Night view with the umbrella and lights on the porch.  Cozy and fun!

A little blurry but you get the idea of the house all lit up.

Congrats again to Alice and Andrew!  Here's to October!

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