Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So my friend Mary Neal calls me a couple of weeks ago to tell me she's taking a job up in the DC area.  (That's a double first name for all you Southerners...)  I knew Mary Neal from living in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area back in the day.  She going to keep her place in Va Beach but stay up here two weeks at a time.  I'm super excited about this for several reasons:

1. She's just a cool person and I'll take any friend of mine moving closer by!
2. She's literally moving close by - right around the corner in Old Town.  Score one for Alexandria!
3. She's got two adorable basset hounds - more friends for the pup.
4.  And this is the clencher...she is working for a company who manufacturers fabrics to the trade (if ya'll know anyone who needs help, give me a shout!) AND she is going to have my girlfriends over when she gets settled for a sip and see for fabrics if you will.  And possibly give us a discount.  Um, yeah.  Glad I waited on slipcovering my couch. 
5. If Mary Neal does well enough in this territory, maybe I can convince her to hire me part time!  :)

After hearing this exciting news, I checked out her company's website - - Architex.  They've got more fabrics than I've seen in my life.  A lot of them are definitely more for what you'd see in say a company waiting room or a hotel lobby but there is so much to choose from it is insane. 

Here is a sampling of some of my personal faves - keep in mind, this is only a chip off the iceburg!
My love of animal prints is obvious but there was something really different about this one.  I love how it almost looks like the light is reflecting off of the crocs' back.  If only this was wallpaper...I'd put it in my guest bathroom.  No kidding. 

Upholstery for my beach house couch...

Accent pillow in my [pretend] beach house.  On my clean, crisp couch with the fabric from the swatch above.

No really, this is fabric.  It is called Wood Grain - duh.  But doesn't it look just like the real thing?

Hello other accent pillow in my beach house on my couch.  Are you feeling like you want to come visit yet?

This one is called Nurse Shark and doesn't it just look like one?  I love the color and texture.  This would be awesome in a bedroom.

Love the texture of this one.

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