Sunday, October 13, 2013

Great Gift Idea and Locally Made: Sydney Hale Candles

Christmas is a comin'.  Goodie goodie gum drops.  I have been widdling away at my shopping list and came across these candles that I LOVE and so I thought I'd share.  The company is called Sydney Hale and they are located near me in Arlington, VA.

Everybody knows I love a candle but there are quite a few things that make these candles exceptional in my opinion.

1. Good price point.  They are $28 bucks each.  A bargain for a good candle with a 50 hour burn time.

2. I love to buy local.  These are made in small batch and are right here in VA.  Sold.

3. Their scents are so original and all of them are divine!  I love the mix of so many of my favorite things...sea salt & bay rum; mint & geranium; fir & blue sage; and magnolia & rosewood just to name a few!

4. It is so depressing to me when I use up a really yummy smelling candle.  But check it, these can be reused as glasses or a vase.  So they are great...and green!

Shop all Sydney Hale candles here.

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