Tuesday, April 30, 2013

In search of an outdoor rug

I'm excited.  I've finally pulled the trigger and purchased new outdoor furniture for our little patio.  Years ago, I bought a table and four chairs from an unfinished furniture place and sanded and stained it myself.  It is dunzo.  My husband already broke one chair so we are down to three and the other three are wobbly at best and grayed out.

In our new house we have french doors from the kitchen to our back patio which is covered in slate slabs.  I decided that instead of going for another dining table that I wanted a conversation area with comfortable seating.  A place where we can have drinks and apps but serve dinner inside.  And, if we really want that al fresco feel when we are eating inside, I can open the french doors all the way.

My husband's request in all of this (believe it or not) was that I purchase an outdoor rug to go with the furniture.  So, I did a little searching and found some really fun and reasonably priced ones on Amazon.

Can you guess which one I bought?  Stay tuned for the before and after pics of my patio!


  1. I have that second to last one marked to purchase for Hunt's back porch with my green garden stool! Would be funny if we decided on same one :)

  2. Ha ha! That is the one I got! It arrived today but I am waiting until my furniture arrives to put it out!


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