Tuesday, August 21, 2012

C Wonder Gift Ideas

I woke up early a couple of Saturdays ago and couldn't go back to sleep. So, I did what I'm sure many of you would think to do (not): I started my Christmas list. In fairness, I wasn't making a list of things I want but rather gifts for others. I have found there are many benefits to starting your Christmas shopping early:

1. You are not spending all of your money right before the holidays. You are spacing it out throughout the year.

2. You aren't buying something just for the sake of buying it. You can shop along the way and find meaningful gifts for people.

3. You have all of your presents ahead of time to avoid crowded stores and malls and you can enjoy the holiday season with out the stress.

4. You can start wrapping your presents early enough so that they a) look pretty and b) decorate the area underneath your tree!

5) Shopping and having an excuse to buy things is FUN.

I don't even know how I got on this store's email distribution but they have got some great stuff - and great gift ideas (which is where the whole Christmas conversation came into play).

Dad, brother or husband - if you are reading this, these are some good ideas for me. Hint, hint. Oh wait, this was supposed to be about buying for other people, I forgot. Anyway, look at some of C Wonder's great gifts!

Are you in the gift giving Christmas spirit yet?  Okay, I'll stop.  I'll let you at least get through Halloween...


  1. I think your collection was great. it was also a informative collection for me. Can you suggest me some more unique ideas for Send gifts to Pakistan?

  2. I love me some C Wonder. I went to their flagship store in SoHo in June. And they just opened up one in Newport Beach, CA so I of course had to go as I actually happened to be passing through the weekend of their opening. I bought several ikat pillows. The price wasn't too shabby either. My Christmas wish list from last year was full of C Wonder and will no doubt be full of it again.


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