Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Decorating outside of the box: Amanda Nisbet

Obsessed with all of her work.  I would live in any of her rooms.  I love that there are so many traditional design aspects but everytime there is the use of something really unexpected and original.  Design should not take itself too seriously in my opinion.  However, it can't be so out there that you can't live with it or it is too trendy that you tire of it too quickly.  I mean, who can afford to redecorate all the time?

Here are some examples why I love Amanda Nisbet Design (AND).  Check out the fabulous logo:

1.  Dark moulding and art placed super high to the ceiling.  And not just centered over the bed.

2. Non-traditional sinks.  Mirrors that are not rectanular and not builder grade.  How about that stone work?

3. A funky chandelier in the bathroom.  And great art.  Bathrooms should be decorated too.

4. An unexpected shelf and great sconces that look like they belong in a bedroom more than a bathroom.  But it works.

5. Bold with color on the wall and ceiling.  Great mirrors. A multitude of light fixtures.  Not just one or two.

6.  A little girl's room with a great modern monogram and an unexpected mix of colors and patterns.

7. A family dining nook that is simplistic yet so full of personality.  I adore the chandelier and kid's silohoutes and mix-matched seating.

8.  Really bold colors that don't necessarily go together but work.  A mirror mounted on the bulletin board.  An awesome mirrored sawhorse table turned desk.  Yes.

9.  More art and another cool mirror in a bathroom.  Orange accent tile is something I never would have thought of but it totally warms the white subway tile up.

10.  I want to go have a glass of iced tea on this porch NOW.  It really is an outdoor room.  Shadow boxes, painted ceiling and curtains.

11.  This is my favorite.  I've seen this before but didn't realize it was Amanda Nisbet.  She replaced the traditional mirror in the guest bath wtih a chalkboard and an art gallery.  Sure, this wouldn't be so practical in a master bath but how much fun is this in a guest bath?!

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