Sunday, April 24, 2011

Because I need one more thing to do...

I went to Charlotte this weekend for my Goddaughter's baptism.  It was a beautiful service and so fun to see my dear friends.  And while I was there, my friend Reeves taught me how to applique.  I'm sort of obsessed.  Great.  Because I was just swimming in free time as it was...

Look what she taught me to make (I know they aren't perfect but I'm still excited!):

She had a plain waffle-weave Ikea handtowel that we appliqued scrap fabric petals onto.  I love!

And then she taught me some plain old sewing.  (I've improved a little, huh, M?)

Don't worry...I haven't forgotten about my knitting.  I finished a little pear for my knitted kitchen project.

And a hat for my friend Michaela.  This one's kinda funky but I like how it turned out.

Happy Easter!!!


  1. Yay, C! Based on your learning curve with everything else, You are going to be a sewing superstar in no time.


  2. I love the amy butler fabrics. :) and that pear is adorable!! are you knitting a whole fruit bowl?

  3. You should take onesies and applique them. Check etsy out for ideas. We just ordered a onesie that is appliqued with a big number 1 in cute fabric for Sarah Beth's first birthday. Maybe I can order from you for her second?!?!?


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