Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Garden and Gun Featured Designer: O'Brien and Muse

Out of Richmond, VA so we're practically neighbors!  I wasn't wowed out of my mind with their designs however, with that said, if one room in my house looked like this, I'd be a happy girl!  I do think they are all extremely tasteful and very livable which is a good trademark to have.

rug+coffee table=awesomeness

big fan of the light fixture and chair shape

want the following: industrial island and stools, sink and plate rack

love open shelving and the unexpected touch of leather in the kitchen chairs

greatness = light fixture, book display, color of walls, and well, a fireplace in general just makes me happy

Another great fireplace with an awesome mantel...I just want to curl up in this room with a good book.

Clean, white, beautiful. 

Okay, here's a prime example of what I was talking about in the beginning of this post.  There is nothing over the top about this in terms of uniqueness but it is so traditionally elegant and so livable.

I love a chair in a bathroom.  Especially one with such fantastic shape and fabric.

Wood beams, a comfy couch and great coffee table styling.  Yes.

You had me at the zebra rug.  But when you threw in that (what is that thing?!) ottoman, it was love.


  1. Wow, adore all of these as well!!! Happy Saturday!

  2. Any idea what paint color that grey-blue is around the fireplace? Maybe a Farrow & Ball grey?


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