Saturday, April 9, 2011


A couple of random updates and completed projects.

I finished my first berry hat (to me it sort of reminds me of an eggplant) and I'm a big fan of these and the ease of the pattern. It's free and available here. I plan to add this for sale to my etsy store.

I also finished a chunky scarf.  It is the second scarf I've ever made but I love the texture and colors of the wool.  Too bad it is a little too warm for this time of year but it will make a nice Christmas gift if I decide whether or not I can part with it. 

And in non-knitting related news...I am obsessed with this hallway.  A friend gave me Santa Barbara magazine and it is my new favorite thing to look at.  Maybe I could love the west coast after all when I looked at all those designs...

I love the dark and the light colors and the sheen on everything.  But mostly I love how they took oversized mats and framed those teeny tiny egg prints.  I want some.

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