Sunday, April 3, 2011

Furniture with a Soul

Have you heard of this shop?  Great pieces and unbelievable prices.  I put the cost under each of the pictures.  Can you believe it?!

Pink Console $118

Green Cabinet $197

Chair $363 
Red cabinet $372

Yellow chair $275

On top of great prices, Furniture with a Soul boasts that their pieces are:

• Never mass-produced

• Never what you'd find at a large chain or big-box store

• Never cookie-cutter or flavor-of-the-month

• Never "assembly required"

More on their website here.

• Never boring

Founded in 1991 by Tom and Ryoko Nadeau, the company's original mission was to not only sell exceptional home furnishings but to provide matchless value with deep product knowledge and personalized customer service at low, wholesale prices.

We travel abroad extensively throughout the year to find, design and procure handcrafted, solid wood furniture with the most interesting silhouettes, functional styles, innovative finishes and materials built to last. Variety is a priority for our buyers, and it's evident in our 6000+ different pieces, many of which are one-of-a-kind designs.

Nadeau's site.
Because we present a distinctive selection of ever-changing inventory, there's no waiting the usual four, six or eight weeks for an order to arrive like you would with most other retailers - you can take your Nadeau purchases home with you the same day! Eliminating exorbitant shipping costs, along with our unique approach to supplier relationships and distribution, keeps our pieces extremely affordable.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Nadeau currently has 14 retail storefronts and four open-to-the-public warehouses located in 12 states and seven of the top 15 US major markets, with more growth planned for 2011 and beyond.


  1. Their West Hollywood location is right down the street from me. I always pass it and think I should go in but never do. I'm definitely going to have to make it a point to go in soon. Also you're below post about The Melrose Project is also down the street from me. Maybe someone should make a trip to LA while there is still a guest room available to them, heh.

  2. Fabulous find! I love that yellow chair and red cabinet!

  3. I love Nadeau... I got my TV cabinet at the store in Charleston. You can't beat their prices.

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