Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bullseye at Target

I've lived outside of the US for a couple of years and while I loved every minute of my time away, there were two things I always missed terribly.  Before any of my friends or family get offended - I said things...

Cameron's Top 2 Most Missed Items When Living Abroad:
Not So Cajun Chicken from Crowley's in Raleigh, NC and...

Seriously, how does anyone live without Target?  They sell everything that you could possibly need plus tons of cute stuff you didn't know you needed but had to have.  Because it is all so cute.  And affordable.  I view it kind of like what I like to call the Ikea Syndrome: Everything is so cheap and so cute that you think you are hardly spending anything until you end up at the checkout counter and before you know it you've spent over $100!  Again, on stuff you probably didn't even need.

My friend Liz and I went to Target this week and that very thing happened to me.  We went in because Liz needed a ride there and had a few things on her list.  I didn't have a list nor did I think I needed anything.  Oh how wrong I was.  That said, I think my purchases are so cute that I'd go buy them all over again and so I thought I'd share them.

1.  Cutest PJ Bottoms EVER.  I challenge you to find a cuter, more comfy pair. 

2.  Gold Leaf Candle in Cozy Cottage scent.  I can't find it online anywhere but check your store.  It smells delish and I love the leaf holder - it definitely will be getting refilled to use again!

3. Dragonfly Bamboo Tray.  Okay, I didn't purchase this but I just saw it in a magazine and now I wish I had...
Have you had any good Target finds lately?

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