Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween at the Abode

We were out of town back in NC this weekend for a most fabulous wedding for our friends Alice and Andrew.  Now that we're back and it is officially October, I felt that I was at liberty to get out the Halloween decorations!  Here's a glimpse of the spooky decorations going on at the Abode...

Cinderella pumpkins on the front porch

 One of my newest additions that I adore - he will light up at night with a candle inside!

Little black cats line the walkway

 Glow in the dark ghosts adorn the herb garden

 Don't forget my knit pumpkins!

 A little witch made of tissue paper.  An oldie but goodie.

 My new creatures hang from all the windows...

 The skeleton's eyes light up!

Even the pup is spooked - he decided to howl with delight after seeing all the decorations!


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