Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Get those Christmas lists started!

I have a little notepad and pen that I always carry with me in my purse.  At the start of October each year, I make a list of everyone I need to buy gifts for.  Then, whenever I am out shopping I can always think of folks on my list and get ideas of what to give them.  If I buy something, then I just put it on my list and check people off as I go.  This ensures three things:

1.  Less stress of waiting until the end and feeling pressure to go shopping during all that holiday madness.  More time to enjoy family, friends, parties and time at home in front of the Christmas tree.

2. You don't feel the crunch on your wallet as much when you space it out over several months instead of buying it all at once.

3.  You aren't as pressured to just buy something for someone so that they have a gift.  You have more time to put thought into the gifts you are buying for those you love.

Image from Creative Gifts by You

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