Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Get a Silpat

Maybe I was the only person I know living in the dark ages but we got a silpat for our wedding but before then I'd never even heard of one.  Have ya'll?

It's a professional baking mat.  It doesn't allow anything to stick to it (believe me, if anyone could make it stick, I could) and it heats evenly.  Ours fits the size of our cookie sheet so we roast veggies on it, make cookies on it...the opportunities are endless.  And they aren't cost prohibitive.  It'd be a good gift to give someone if you know they don't have one and they like to cook.  The image above is from one they sell at Sur la Table.


  1. I love your blogs! know you all had so much fun in charlottesville!! hope to meet you one day!! xoxo twyla

  2. no girl, I love my silpat... we've had it for 5 years... easy to clean & long lasting! it makes my great-grandma's christmas cookies turn out perfectly! i wouldn't want to cook without it! oh, and i love sur la table, too.

  3. I have one and never use it. I need to start using it. I just don't ever think to take it out. Thanks for posting about it and reminding me of it. :)


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