Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Back from a wonderful weekend in NC visiting my grandmother.  We were able to visit the Hillsville, VA Flea Market - a four day extravaganza of miles and miles of flea markets and the biggest conglomeration of hillbillies I have EVER (and I mean EVER) dreamed of seeing.  I took some pictures but will try to upload those soon.

A lot of what was for sale was junk but I did get this painting which I am super excited about.

They were asking $65 but I got them down to $20.  It is an original oil on canvas painting.  My husband used the Google Goggles app on his phone and quickly found the artist who is from Mexico and well known for his clown paintings.  They go for well over $100 so I was pleased with myself.  Plus, I think it will be really cute in a child's room one day.  I'll have to reframe it with a brighter mat and a fun frame (right now it just has a big clunky wooden frame) down the road.

I also found a great fabric and sewing warehouse up off of a windy mountain road and stocked up on some fabric for my new found sewing hobby (that I have yet to do anything with).  Look at all the fun prints!


  1. That's very antiques road show of you and I am proud and all, but please don't put that in a nursery. You are going to give that child nightmares.

  2. I know, I thought about scaring a child. Maybe a play room one day when they are old enough to know he is a HAPPY, NICE clown.


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